Rolling doors and sectional doors- maintenance and yearly UVV testing

For your rolling doors, rolling grilles doors, sectional doors, sliding gates, underground garage doors, lift gates, high speed doors, industrial doors and gates once a UVV inspection is required annually.

This is not only in your interest, but is also required by the follow standards and regulations as follows:

BGG 950, ASR A1.7, DIN 18650, AutSchR, DIN 14677, alt BGR 232 und der DIN 13241 EG-Bauproduktenrichtlinie 89/106/EWG.

These yearly checking is a good opportunity, for carrying out maintenance and small repairs.

A regular maintenance increases the availability, decreases repairs and increases the life of the machine. At the same time, the safety for your staff, vehicles and goods can be optimised, and can be adapted to the current state of the technique.


Maintenance services:

  • We regularly check to UVV - guidelines for the preservation of safety laws
  • We maintain your system according to manufacturer's specific instructions and check the following components: Safety equipment, drive, controller, guide rails / Frame parts, counterbalancing, the door leaf and tanks
  • Our emergency service can be reached throughout

Small repair services:

  • Replacement of defective fuses
  • Fixing dissolved / missing screw and rivet connections
  • Align small deformations on guide rails and door curtain
  • Securing loose cables, cable connections and switches