Scissors lift- maintenance and yearly UVV testing

Once in a year, a UVV testing is required for the scissors lift. This is not only in your interest, but is in the BGR 500 section 2.10 (old UVV VBG 14) as required.

The annual review is a good opportunity to simultaneously carry out the necessary maintenance and minor repairs.

Good maintenance will not only increase the service life and reduces the need for repairs of the plant, but also simultaneously increases the safety for operators, vehicles and loading.

The services:

  • Maintenance and safety inspection of scissor-type lifting according to existing guidelines, taking into account the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Check all safety devices
  • Lubrication and adjustments according to manufacturer's instructions
  • Detailed maintenance and inspection report with state analysis and attachment security badge
  • Monitoring the annual test dates
  • Advice and information about new standards and legal requirements
  • Fast 24/7 on-site service
  • Free quotation for repair