Geyssel Fahrtreppenservice GmbH- About us

The Geyssel escalator Service was founded in May 2001 by its owner and current CEO Michael Geyssel as GmbH and registered in the Commercial Register of Cologne under HRB no. 35672 with the business subject service, maintenance and repair of escalators, moving walkways, conveyors and elevators.

After just one year the one-man operation which first started just in a garage, developed to a small company with 10 employees. We quickly could convince customers of the long experience of the service personnel and high-quality execution of repair and maintenance. Soon the Geyssel service vehicles were traveling throughout NRW.

But Michael Geyssel did not want to be limited to the maintenance of conveyors only - he was planning an own escalators and moving walkway production brand named Geyssel. In 2004, the large workshop acquired in 2004, was too tight. In 2005, the motorable production hall with long transporters and with a 10t crane, was the best condition. With a staff of over 60 employees, Geyssel was now able to offer its services and in-house productions escalators / travellators nationwide. The integration of the Cologne elevator company Windrath & Fromm brought the Geyssel escalator Service GmbH in the position to offer customers a complete service package for escalators, moving walkways, elevators and all other conveyors.

Due to the permanent federal and European demand Geyssel escalators GmbH was founded in 2008 as an independent production company and doubled the area of ​​the assembly hall and the administrative region. The annual output exceeded the planned 100 units far - Geyssel escalators and moving walks had become a byword for quality. Today in 2013, the 170 Geyssel employees with their new 100 service vehicles annually execute over 25,000 maintenance and repairs to both modern as well as old plants. By acquiring another 7000qm large workshop at the end of 2012, the industrial area was extended by 30.000qm.

Since 2013 there is another change at Geyssel, the newly founded Geyssel Fördertechnik GmbH, which takes over the service area for elevators, rolling gates and hoists as an independent company.

For you as a customer everything will remain the same- the Geyssel contact will still guarantee you:

  • Absolute customer satisfaction
  • Rapid restoration of availability in case of malfunction and
  • Comprehensive technical expertise for customized solutions