Policy statement of the executive committee for Geyssel quality policy

The Geyssel escalator Service GmbH specializes in the servicing, maintenance and fault elimination in escalators and moving walkways.

The Geyssel services range from the simple filtering to the refurbishment of escalators and moving walkways in shopping malls and airports, audited and monitored by TÜV Süd to DIN EN 13015.

We offer our clients on request a complete support service, which includes from on-site presence at store openings to all-inclusive maintenance contracts. With our comfortable contracts, there won’t be any additional or hidden costs, during the whole contract length period. In case of a TÜV appointment, we will guarantee you by proper preparation of your investment and our assistance during the test, a faultless acceptance report.

When repairing old machines, our staffs with a 30-year experience in conveyor technology, have access to a 3,000 square meters large spare parts store, with approximately 100,000 parts. Therefore Geyssel can ensure that the machines managed by us are distinguished because standard-compliant maintenance and maintenance measures to minimum downtime.

So our customers can trust in an efficient maintenance and repair of their successful investment, Geyssel Fahrtreppen Service GmbH creates the best conditions before the start of customer care, by means of an integrated TÜV Süd certified quality control system.

Part of our self-image, it is our daily target to offer the customer a service of high quality. The resulting requirements and other technical, economic and scheduling agreements are to be met to the absolute satisfaction of our customers. The basic measures to ensure these objectives are described in our quality management manual and set.

The quality of our execution and the control, and the continuous evolution of the quality management system are part of our company policy. (Geyssel House of Quality)

We are convinced that a steady development of quality control systems and control in terms of technological innovation, to make changes in standards and customer-specific requirements, the implementation of these systems, and if necessary carry out optimized changes.

The Executive Board sees it as its primary task to promote responsibility and quality awareness of employees, to regulate the responsibilities and procedures for all quality-influencing activities and factors principle and to monitor the effectiveness of the quality assurance measures.

The resulting Quality Manual, which is needed to implement these tasks are based on the generally accepted standard DIN EN 13015 zur „Wartung & Instandhaltung von Aufzügen und Fahrtreppen“, which takes over the important aspects of quality management systems, which is stated in the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

The differentiation of the quality management handbook ensures that it is dealt in the respective subarea according to standardised, established procedures and that these processes are controlled by clear reference points.

The Quality Manual is binding for the board and to all employees. Therefore all employees and managers from Geyssel are obliged to observe the rules established to comply with them and be involved in their improvements.

The management and the quality manager make sure the provisions set forth in the quality management handbook is safe, and regularly check the compliance and effectiveness when the opportunities arise.

The consistent implementation of these principles ensure that our customers and Geyssel Fahrtreppenservice GmbH, that all safety measures are carried out according to procedures tested and recognised.

Cologne, May 2012

Michael Geyssel