Construction of the escalator F - ECO Drive

The construction of our mall type escalators F-ECO Drive were tested from “TÜV Süd” and according to EN DIN 115-1:2018-01 (Sicherheit von Fahrtreppen und Fahrsteigen - Teil 1: Konstruktion und Einbau) and the current “Maschinenrichtlinie 2006/42/EG”. In addition, the calculated values of the load and the construction​were reviewed again manually by means of software by the TÜV Süd structural engineers for handling technology.

Angle of inclination

When choosing the correct inclination of the escalator, the 30 ° - and 35 ° options internationally accepted standard and thus is the most widely used variant. 30°InclinationThis angle of inclination provides the highest security and is perceived as a comfortable solution. 35°InclinationEscalators with a 35 ° inclination can be produced at a lower cost and need less space compared to escalators with a 30 ° inclination.

In this case the DIN EN 115-1:2018-01 only allows a conveyor height of max. 6m. The downward movement is perceived as relatively steep in this variant, thus reducing the driving comfort.