Construction of the escalator F - ECO Drive

The construction of our mall type escalators F-ECO Drive were tested from “TÜV Süd” and according to EN DIN 115-1:2018-01 (Sicherheit von Fahrtreppen und Fahrsteigen - Teil 1: Konstruktion und Einbau) and the current “Maschinenrichtlinie 2006/42/EG”. In addition, the calculated values of the load and the construction​were reviewed again manually by means of software by the TÜV Süd structural engineers for handling technology.

The Arrangement

The local conditions won’t always provide the choice to arrange the escalators in the way we like it, especially with a subsequent installation. Although with the new construction of a building is the possibility for freedom of choice, but you should in addition to the architectural means of interior design, weigh up the respective advantages and disadvantages of the different arrangements.

There are three different possibilities for the arrangement of the escalators:

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Single arrangement


  • cost-effective single solution for low customer traffic , or for installation on higher floors
  • two different positions of the escalators on the same floor, will make the customers to walk around the shop floors and notice more products and offers

Parallel arrangement


  • less space requirement
  • easier mounting
  • central electrical connection · customer friendly up and down movement

Crossed arrangement


  • by switching the direction of travel, the customer guidance can be specifically controlled