Construction of the escalator F - ECO Drive

The construction of our mall type escalators F-ECO Drive were tested from “TÜV Süd” and according to EN DIN 115-1:2018-01 (Sicherheit von Fahrtreppen und Fahrsteigen - Teil 1: Konstruktion und Einbau) and the current “Maschinenrichtlinie 2006/42/EG”. In addition, the calculated values of the load and the construction​were reviewed again manually by means of software by the TÜV Süd structural engineers for handling technology.

The effect of forces within the construction

Escalators are subject to different force influences like temperature fluctuations, passenger load, approach of the step belt, rotational forces of the drive and of the step belt etc. All these forces take effect on the shoring of the escalators and strain the construction at the different locations, this means the shoring must be constructed in a way that it will be resistant against these strains and will last for the next 30 years. To ensure this flexible standard is achieved, Geyssel does not only rely on computer simulation software, but also on the knowledge of the German engineers. This means the statistical values from the simulation software will be tested again from “TÜV Süd”.