F-ECO Drive - Drive System

The steps and the handrail are driven by the transmission system.
The drive system 12 rotates the main shaft 10 via the double drive wheel 3 and then rotates the step chains for the running the stages; the driving gear 9 spins on the major axis and is transmitted to the handrail axis sprocket 6 through the handrail drive chain 8, whereby the handrail is driven.

The size of each sprocket type and its number of teeth was designed by the movement designation of the escalator.

All chains are easy to build in and out, and this can be proved in the report as well.

Handrail drive shaft

The handrail drive shaft is made out of friction wheel (with rubber), handrail shaft, and handrail shaft chain wheel and is fitted with angle steel via a screw.

  1. friction wheel
  2. lager
  3. handrail drive axis
  4. handrail-axis chainwheel

Transfer of driving force

  1. motor- brake- gear unit
  2. duplex drive chain
  3. drive wheel
  4. sprocket
  5. axis

Main drive shaft

The main drive shaft consists of major axis, drive sprocket, double role drive wheel, bearings, gear, etc. and is attached to the supporting structure by means of pins and bolts on the support plate.

  1. step chain wheels
  2. main axis
  3. gear wheel
  4. double chain
  5. turn table
  6. support plate