F-ECO Drive - Motor

Due to the lightweight construction of our escalators, we can install the engine gearbox units, which weigh with 130-145kg only the half of the old energy-guzzling engines. Diecast aluminum steps, low-maintenance bearings and chains contribute to make the motors smaller and more efficient.

Based on our table, you can determine the needs for your escalator motor, and perform an energy cost comparison with any existing system.

Comparison table

Neigungswinkel 30° 35°
Stufenbreite mm 1000 800 600 1000 800 600
Motorleistung kW Maximale Förderhöhe
5,5 3.8m 5.0m 7.2m 3.9m 5.1m 6m
7,5 5.2m 6.8m 7.2m 5.3m 6.0m --
11 7.5m 7.5m -- 6.0m -- --
dual drive