Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of escalators / moving walkways is because of the lightweight construction far above the average of our operating systems.

If a 1000mm width steel step was weighing over 30 kg in the past, we have reduced the weight to 11kg through the use of die-cast aluminium.

We have created according to DIN 8187, low maintenance duplex chains, from steel-drive chains, which were tested with MAN Hamburg tensile tests, to prove their high tensile tests.

In the past, we had to build in the “power-hungry” drive motors with the weight of 200-250 kg to get the heavy step bands moving. Today they weigh only 5,5 -15kW, which is only half of it.

Another possibility for energy saving in the section drive, is to use a frequency changer, which will let the escalators/ moving walkways drive more energy efficient, because of the adjustable speed and the intermittent operation , which gives the operator the possibility to adjust the running and standby time of the equipment to the individual person.

We offer our customers with the versatility in the department LED lighting, another measurable saving potential are the LEDs we use, with a durability of 50.000 hours, which outperforms the current tube technology.