Before the technical construction, and calculation of the escalator or the moving walkway all design criteria with the client, structural engineer and with the builder are first resolved on the basis of our checklists. Our checklists consider all subsequent processes; especially the production and the insertion on site- for example segmented or completed shoring. Only after that, the graphic implementation of the project considering the installation drawing respectively the craft planning and the local conditions. Here are some problems listed, which should be considered with the building and process planning, as part of the performing client: Checklist for the client:

  • The paths for the delivery of the plant are even after heavy rainfalls adequately secured and passable
  • At the time of deliveries no building materials or equipment of other trades will hinder reaching the unload position. This also applies for the possible insertion of heavy crane trucks.
  • The necessary permits are available.
  • The ceiling openings for insertion with crane are not cramped with building materials (for example construction formwork and scaffolding) and freely accessible to the planned position.
  • The ground level building openings have a sufficient height and enough room for transport and installation of the escalator.
  • The ceiling surface is smooth and cleared for the navigation of forklift trucks and tanks, and statically suitable.
  • If ceiling buttons or installation openings have been scheduled in the ceiling, these are located at the calculated place, and have the prescribed static strengths.
  • At the end position of the system is adequate power for the electric chain hoists and the test runs available.
  • The system cannot be damaged by falling parts.
  • The ingress of moisture should not be possible through ceiling openings into the system or running at ground level in the pit.
  • The external and internal protector may only be removed or cut from the Geyssel assembly team.
  • The system cannot be used by third parties as a stair or as a transport route for materials.
  • There won’t be any plastering or painting work carried out any more over the plant.
  • The building is locked at night or supervised.
  • There won’t be any work performed directly above or next to the equipment, or stored equipment next to, or on the plant by third parties.

No machines are ranked in the immediate vicinity of the plant

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