Electrical equipment

Both main groups of the electrical equipment of escalators and moving walkways are made of the control and the safety switches. All the used components are derived from the line production of German or rather European manufacturers.

The escalator controller consists of memory-programed control (Speicher-programmierten Steuerung (SPS)) from Eaton Moeller or Siemens. Expansion modules with Profibus or Ethernet for a possible connection to an existing building management system (for example fire alarm system) are also available.
The lower and upper PLC controllers are connected via a bus.

The embedded controller monitors all safety switches and initiators. If a fault occurs, the escalator will be braked and stopped. The fault is signalized via a display at the top of the escalator or moving walkway.

All controllers build from Geyssel, the safety switches and the initiators included, are TÜV certified.