The manufacture of the individual installation components subject to a rigorous, in -based checklists, optical controls and tests based on quality test methods, which are permanently documented with the respective work progress. The documents which are kept in a magnet bag, will accompany the escalator or moving walkway through all manufacturing stations till delivery. To avoid a lengthy troubleshooting in the future, all the electrical components will be functionally tested and measured before the installation.

Unlike tape production , in which the product passes the fixed-position teams, the Geyssel specialist-team will walk from plant to plant, which have already been arranged in the order of delivery date, in one of the big assembly hall.

Because of this method, the production status and possible deviations from the fixed appointments/ production plan will be apparent any time. Therefore, a timely delivery is always guaranteed.

Geyssel - geprüfte Fertigungsprozesse