Final assembly

After inserting the equipment as a whole or as yet to be screwed shoring parts the escalator / moving walk is located on the upper and lower bearings on properly prepared concrete of the building elements. The shoring is only because of its heavy weight, in the calculated position, there is no need for screwed or welded connection to the building. If the support distance of 15 m is exceeded, one or more intermediate support is needed for the support of the construction.

In case, before the final assembly there needs to be other crafting done, the equipment will be kept shrink wrapped in foil for protection against contamination and damage. At the same time it prevents, that the plant cannot be used as a fixed staircase by third parties.

The final assembly usually includes the following processes (checklist):

  • Alignment of the plant
  • Remove the outer white protective foil
  • Installation and fittings of the disassembled parts before transport for safety reasons
  • Connecting to the power supply
  • Completion of missing components
  • Adjustments of standard-compliant distances
  • Connecting to the fire alarm system in the building
  • Connection to the surrounding parts of the building
  • If necessary lining of the shoring and the substructure
  • If necessary painting
  • Safety and quality checking
  • Final cleaning
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