Planning and preparation for a safe transport

Complete escalator on big trucks

Every fifth construction accident is caused by heavy goods transport. According to a EU-statistic, the common causes are:

  • Improvisations
  • Non-suitabliness of heavy goods transports
  • Inappropriate load of attachment measures
  • Poorly trained staff
  • Inappropriate transportation and elevators
  • Insufficient preparations of undergrounds and driveways

That is why our planning is thoroughly analyzed, for preventing threats and preventive safety measurements.

Geyssel is working for years with forwarding agencies, which are specialized in escalators and moving walkways. The calculation of the individual emphases is part of the preparation, like the shrink-wrapping of the plants in a 300µ protective foil.


Our generously created loading zone, enables loading a complete escalator within 15-20 minutes. The loading times can be minimized, and the delivery can be made just in time.




Positioning an escalator for loading crane


  • Intended effort of all transportations and lifting vehicles
  • The lifting vehicles have to manage the coming loads
  • Transport has to be adjusted to each segments or a complete plant
  • Checking the load capacity of the underground. If needed, steadying the underground with planks, squared timbers or other appropriate methods
  • Use of the given and labelled transport routes and rooms
  • Closing down and considering the hazards
  • Keeping clear the transport zones
  • Weather conditions and the impact on the firmness of the access routes
  • Considering the turning circles and spaces for turning manoeuvers
  • Keeping ready and if needed using special load handling devices
  • Possible usage of a crane