24/7 Emergency override

If your plant is 24 hours in operation or in standby mode, than the highest priority is the permanent accessibility of the plant both for the operator and the user.

For your convenience, we have therefore set up an emergency call centre, which will switch on all calls out of hours. In emergency, there will be staff available daily, 24 hours at 365 days in the year, to solve your problem.

Our service centre knows which Geyssel staff is near you, and will inform you about the route and the time he will arrive.

80% of all the faults can be solved with the board resources of our service vehicles. Should the immediate removal of a fault not be possible, our service staff will secure your system so that a (further) damage to the system and a threat of potential users can be prevented. Upon request we provide on the following day a corresponding repair order or send you a non-binding order.

Geyssel - wir helfen gern