Reconstruction of the controller

Escalators and moving walks are big energy consumers, and causing high maintenance costs by operating it and replacing the worn out parts. Our escalators and moving walks are equipped depending on the total height of 5.5 to 2x15 kW. The energy cost of these costs annually range from 9.000 to 14.000 Euro.

In older machines with simple controls, there is only the possibility to choose START/STOP and UP/DOWN or ON/OFF. This means that the system with a set delivery speed runs permanently until shutdown and irrespective of the use by customers- usually with 0.5m/sec.

To implement energy savings it is first necessary to update the system with a human detection system (radar, photocell, light guide). Only in this way the control system can detect at what time and how long the escalator can switch to slow travel or even stop/standby.

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