Check up & Service in accordance with DIN EN 13015

According to DIN EN 115-1:2018-01 section 7.3.1 escalators and moving walks have to go through a yearly checkup from by a professional (e.g. ZÜS expert of TÜV, Dekra). The requirements of the checkup will be defined in section 7.3.2.

If there will be any faults detected, the examiner can stop the machine or only let it in operation with certain support. The consequences are angry customers and additional costs. For this reason, we will prepare your plant and the necessary documents in accordance with the audit checklists and thus ensure a faultless test report.

According to EN 115-:2018-01 Section 7.3.3 a re-inspection is required, even after significant changes have been made. Our service manager explains to the inspector before the onsite inspection is carried out, and discussed the necessary risk assessments, which the Geyssel Foreman can create based on customer wishes of significant changes to the plant.

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